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See how Dr. Simpson is involved in STEM

Dr. Simpson has been involved in (ChiS&E) Chicago Pre-college, Science and Engineering Program held at University of Illinois at Chicago.She serves as 3rd grade instructor. View a video of children and families of the spring 2017 ChiSE program. 3rd graders learn pre-algebra and mechanical engineering through fun intensive interactive problem-solving activities. Together with their parents, 3rd graders commit to four Saturdays in the fall, and four in the spring to this spirited and sometimes rigorous program. Students from various schools through out the Chicagoland area come together on Saturday mornings to collaborate, calculate, compete and explore mechanical engineering and the mathematical concepts germane to the discipline - in the form of pre-algebra. A team of excellent, highly qualified educators are the teacher/coaches. All have dedicated hundreds of hours preparing to ensure successful implementation of very high quality instruction tailored to science and engineering is realized. This free program has helped hundreds of students prepare for fields in science and engineering. Children from Kindergarten through 8th grade are welcome to participate in the program. For more information about ChiS&E write: Or. visit: Or, contact Dr. Simpson.

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Bring your imagination, and personal style to a LiveArts Studio Art Party!


Our Mission

to offer children and adults  

opportunities in

visual art and design

that contribute to economic self-sufficiency and

intellectual cultivation

through self-expression. 


Nuestra Misión

Para ofrecer a los niños y adultos

oportunidades en las artes visuales

y el diseño

que contribuyen a la autosuficiencia económica y

cultivo intelectual

a través de la auto-expresión.


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 LiveArts Studio is designated a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.

All contributions are tax deductible.

Contact us: 4760 Broadway, Gary, IN, 46408 | Phone: 219-884-2770 | email:


~~Hours of Operation~~

 Tuesday and Thursday

5:00pm - 7:00pm

All Other Times

By Appointment Only

Donate. Volunteer. Create Something.

 LiveArts Studio offers a dynamic  art program located in Gary, Indiana, catering to the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland areas. We bring art to life through loads of hands-on experiences and exciting art-making activities for adults and youth.

Our program combines art making, art appreciation, art history and design. With young learners, we emphasize early childhood development. Children participate in problem-solving activities, are introduced to tactile objects, visual literacy to create, imagine and experience interesting works all in order to nurture their development. 

We offer classes on- and off-site; to Faith-based organizations, schools and community groups. We offer opportunities to explore, investigate, think critically, have fun and engage in growthful artistic experiences. We invite you to join us in classes or workshops, and enjoy a lively art-making experience!