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Enjoy Making Art

Art is a joy! Making art is a joyful experience! As we continue to maintain our health and wellness, let's continue to explore our creativity. Paint, pound clay, create a collage, draw, write, photograph, build, craft and more. Document, tell your story - create your story. Visualize your feelings and your experience through art! Let creativity be a cure to COVID-19! Let LiveArts Studio bring ideas and activities to you as you practice physical distancing by creating Art at Home, creating art virtually, or creating in the presence of a few friends.

1st Fridays: Paint & Create

Physical distancing observed. Temperatures read.
Masks required at all 1st Friday events.

A Creative Cure to COVID-19

     As our lives change, let's make the most of the gifts we've been given. Enjoy spending time with your family. Make your time well spent by doing things together; creating art, working in the garden, chores, and so much more. Read a good book or start writing a book. Don't forget to make your book alive, especially if you have children. Now's the time.
     LiveArts Studio offers a few activities for children and families that can help make the most of out of school time at home. Try them out. And if you'd like to suggest any activities send us your video, we'll post them.
Explore Oil Resist: A painting technique that makes painting magical! Come join us! See more activities

Children can make their own emoji book. This is a great way to help kids think about how they're feelings, understand emotions and feelings. They can use the extra pages to write or draw in or they can create emoji sticks and make up a game with others. See the how-to video on the activities page.

Donate. Volunteer. Create something

LiveArts Studio is a 501(c)(3) organization. All purchases and donations are tax deductible.  Contact us: 4760 Broadway, Gary, IN, 46408 | Phone: 219-221-8211 | email:

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